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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

When were you established?

Calgary Flames Sports Bank, formerly Comrie's Sports Bank, was created in 2014 through the generous contributions of Bill Comrie and the Comrie Family. The Comrie’s were the title sponsor and the founder of the sports bank in Calgary from August 2014 until July 2020.

We were formed via a partnership of individuals representing key community groups – the Hockey Canada Foundation, the Calgary Flames Foundation the Hockey Alberta Foundation, Hockey Calgary, Sport Calgary, the Western Hockey League, Calgary Hitmen, and KidSport Calgary.

Are you solely funded and operated by the Calgary Flames?

No, the Calgary Flames Foundation is a major funding partner. They provide significant financial support as well as promotional and awareness support that helps us reach more kids and other organizations interested in teaming up with us That said, we are a charity that supports families within Calgary and Southern Alberta and we require ongoing funding support from the community in order to provide assistance to the thousands of families each year.

What types of equipment can I donate?

Calgary Flames Sports Bank accepts new and gently used sports equipment for all major sports – hockey, soccer, lacrosse, baseball, softball, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, skiing and snowboarding, roller blading, along with bikes and many others. Visit our website for a full list of equipment we accept and do not accept. Our mandate is supporting kids so that is the priority for equipment we are looking to have donated.

Where can I drop off sports equipment I want to donate?

We are supported by our amazing partners at the Wood Automotive Group. Donations can be dropped off at any of their 7 locations throughout Calgary. Click here for locations. Please ensure that all loose donations are placed in a clear plastic bag; one may be provided to you at time of drop off as well.

What happens to my equipment once it is donated and who receives it?

Once received, all equipment is sorted, then inspected to ensure it is safe and suitable to be used again. Then it is sanitized here at our warehouse and put into inventory - ready for distribution to the next lucky youth. We support kids 18 years and under, with the majority being 12 and under, within Southern Alberta.

How do I know if my donation is in good enough condition?

We like to say, if you would not put your own child in it, then it is not likely suitable for re-use by our organization. Please ensure that all donations are not outdated, ripped, torn, cracked or unsafe to wear any longer.

Will I receive anything for my donation?

Yes. For every financial donation over $20, you will receive a charitable tax receipt via Canada Helps. Please visit our website and click on the DONATE button to make a monetary donation. Tax receipts are not provided for equipment donations; however we are very grateful and appreciate your donated equipment as it helps another child chase their sporting dreams.

How can I get involved personally?

The Calgary Flames Sports Bank relies on some amazing volunteers to help us operate and thrive. We also rely on some amazing donors that have hosted fundraisers or donated in support of our mission. We would love to discuss what the best fit might be for you. Contact us at

How do I know if I am qualified or able to refer a child to receive sports equipment?

Families and their children are supported by a number of agencies including KidSport, Flames Even Strength Program, City of Calgary Fee Assistance, Alberta Income Assistance, Jumpstart, A.I.S.H, School Boards trustees and other family support agencies. Click here to apply or if you are already receiving one of these subsidies or to apply for assistance if you do not have support through one of these other programs you can email us at to get an application or download one here

If I am a qualified family can I just drop in?

No. We are by appointment only. Please call our office 403-202-0251 or email us in order to confirm qualification and to book an outfitting appointment.

What if I don’t live in close proximity to Calgary?

The Calgary Flames Sports Bank is set up to service kids across Southern Alberta. You can fill out the application here, upon qualification we would do a remote fitting with you and then through the generosity of our partners at Rosenau Transport we would have the equipment shipping to your city or town at no cost to you.

What if I am running a program to support low income kids?

We have supported many programs with bulk equipment donations and would love to discuss how we could potentially help your program. Get in touch with us today at

How many kids have you helped?

Since opening our doors in August of 2014 we have assisted over 16,790 kids through the provision of over 65,000 pieces of no cost equipment.

Other interesting statistics to note:

· Approx 65% equipment distributed is hockey and skating equipment

· Approx 33% girls, 67% boys

· 21 different sports supported

· Over 25 different communities in Southern Alberta reached to date

· Over 6523 volunteer hours since 2014

· 65,223 pieces of equipment distributed

· 16,791 kids have been assisted with no cost equipment

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