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Our 2020 Annual Report is here!

We began 2020 with great excitement as we looked to celebrate 25 years of KidSport in our community. Much like sport, 2020 ended up considerably different than we predicted. It was a tough year with much of life, let alone sport, being shut down for the majority of the year as we all did our part to keep our community safe and put this pandemic behind us. Our sport community was hit hard, as were all the kids in our community who had important things taken away from them. Whether that be their friends, time with family, a safe place to escape to, live music, theatre, arts, or sporting activities, kids have missed out on many of the things that help them thrive. For many households, this strain has been even more significant with disproportionate impact to low-income families as well as substantial impact to the household income of many.

It is our commitment to those families to ensure that we are here to support them and our community’s kids as sport is ready to safely return. Through the dedication of an amazing team, strong financial oversight, an unwavering focus on the kids we’re designed to support (and unfortunately a few tough decisions internally) we are set up to be ready to support all the kids that need our help in the communities we serve as our community brings sport back to life.

We will work with our volunteers, board, donors, partners, and sponsors to rally around these families and their kids to get them back to sport in 2021. Sport is going to play a critical role in building our community back up. We know that through KidSport, including the Calgary Flames Sports Bank, that we will be a cornerstone to ensuring the families who need us have the support they require to get Back to Sport this year and start to bring some normalcy to their lives.

We have a great appreciation for the role we are fortunate to play in our community and the lives of our youth. We look forward to building on 25 years of amazing impact and investment in our community with you in 2021 and beyond!

Check out our 2020 Annual Report by clicking the document below!

2020 KidSport Calgary Annual Report-web
Download • 3.60MB

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