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KidSport First Aid Kits

Updated: Mar 13

We have teamed up with St. John Ambulance to offer these amazing, fully stocked, co-branded Sport First Aid Kits.  We are doing this as a fundraiser as we work to continue to raise funds to support low-income kids and their access to sport in our community, while also shining a light on the importance of first aid and first aid training.  To order one of these kits for $48.95 you can call 1-800-665-7114 and mention the KIDSPORT Sport Kit and to learn more about the first aid training options and courses offered by our partners at St. John Ambulance please click here. (Please note shipping is not included) Learning first aid and having a first aid kit while practicing sports are essential for prompt response, injury prevention, timely medical attention, creating a safe environment, and setting a positive example. It ensures that individuals involved in sports are well-prepared to handle emergencies, providing the best care and support to athletes when they need it most.

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